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Are you a holistic coach or entrepreneur eager to make a lasting impression online? Look no further! With my expert web design, videography, and digital product creation services, I can help you craft a captivating online presence that speaks your ideal clients’ language, resonates with them, and attracts them effortlessly.

Holistic Web Design & Heart-Centered Digital Solutions

At, you’re gaining more than just a web designer; you’re partnering with a heart-centered digital alchemist dedicated to bringing your holistic vision to life. From intuitive web design to soulful videography and authentic content creation, my diverse palette of services is meticulously tailored to resonate with the essence of your unique journey, guiding you through your digital exploration with confidence and serenity.

  • Heart-Centered Approach: Blending creativity and strategy with a touch of intuition to honor your unique practice
  • Bespoke Digital Alchemy: Custom solutions that make every detail resonate with your mission
  • Holistic Skill Set: Varied services in web design, videography, and content creation, all echoing your holistic spirit
  • Impactful Online Resonance: Boosting your online presence to create a lasting impact with your audience

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Crafting Your Digital Space

I’m Seb, your digital alchemist, fueled by passion and keen attention to detail. My journey with various holistic coaches and entrepreneurs has honed my creativity, delivering not just visually appealing websites and engaging videos, but also crafting digital products like courses and ebooks. Your digital presence should be a reflection of your authenticity, a space where your ideal clients feel your essence and are inspired to engage. I understand the heartbeat of holistic coaching and entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that every digital strand resonates with the heart-centered values you uphold, making your online presence a true reflection of your essence.

Find Your Clarity

The timeline is a dance between complexity and creativity. A one-page website, like a landing or service page, typically blossoms within 2 weeks. More complex sites require a longer choreography. Let’s discuss your vision to estimate the time and cost.

Every digital endeavor is unique. A one-page website (Sales Page, Landing Page) starts from £249, including the aesthetic essentials like custom graphic design and stock photos. More intricate designs, aligned with functionalities like full websites, blogs, event registration, and others, will have a bespoke pricing. Let’s explore the perfect balance between your budget and vision.

Hosting and domain charges are your companions on this digital journey. If a complex design is your choice, hosting on your own is a wise choice, although I can offer very affordable hosting solutions if needed. I’m also happy to guide you to great solutions, some of which are even free to start! Typically, a domain costs around £10/year. Additionally, a professional email inbox is essential for maintaining a polished image; I can guide you towards affordable options for this as well.

Our collaboration begins with understanding – your business, audience, and objectives. Planning follows, crafting a digital blueprint. The design and development phase is where your digital home starts to take shape. We choose a platform for web design that best suits your holistic needs and resonates with your audience, both for now and the future. It’s akin to building a house – laying a strong, adaptable foundation is crucial. Review, testing, and your approval lead us to launch, yet the journey continues with ongoing support and updates to ensure your digital space remains a vibrant, welcoming haven for your audience.

This depends on the website that the client wants to remodel. Not every website can be rebuilt and it does not always pay off. Sometimes it is more cost effective to build an entirely new website.

All websites are ready to be mobile right out of the box. They are designed to automatically resize according to the device on which they are being viewed.

Absolutely. My websites are built on a content management system that allows you to edit pages as often as you like while connected to the internet. A step-by-step videos with all the necessary steps will also be provided.

Absolutely! The magic begins by understanding who your ideal client is. We delve into their pain points, problems they face, and how you stand as a solution to those challenges. With this understanding, crafting SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience and echoes your authentic voice becomes a natural flow. We create engaging content that strikes an emotional chord, focusing purely on resonating with your ideal client, while intertwining your message with digital threads that enhance visibility.

With pleasure! Your vision translated into visually compelling and engaging videos is a path I tread with joy. I offer a myriad of video services including video sales letters, videos for your website, social media videos, and much more. Each video is crafted with your ideal client in mind, infusing all the senses into a journey and storytelling experience your audience would love. Our goal is to create videos that not only reflect your brand’s essence but also resonate deeply with your viewers, guiding them towards the action you desire.

It’s the art of sculpting raw footage into a story that captivates and conveys your message, adorned with color grading, voiceovers, animations, sound effects, and more.

From promotional videos for coaches and entrepreneurs, to event highlights and educational content for online courses, the sky’s the limit!

Yes! Let’s transform your message into engaging social media content that resonates and connects with your audience.

Certainly! Whether it’s for a video or digital product, crafting the script is the foundation. Let’s work together to narrate your authentic message.

I provide a holistic approach to digital product creation, helping you create online courses, memberships, ebooks, workbooks, presentations, webinars, email sequences, lead magnets, and much more. From idea conception to design, content creation, and launch, I’m here to guide and support you on this exciting digital journey.

The process begins with understanding your vision, values, and the audience you aim to serve. We then craft a tailored strategy to design and develop digital products that resonate deeply with your audience, align with your brand’s ethos, and help you achieve your objectives.

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Transparent Pricing, Real Results

Fair and simple pricing is at the heart of my services. Let’s grow your business together without complex fees. Here’s a glance at starting rates – remember, costs may adjust based on the intricacy of your project. My passion lies in crafting exceptional videos and captivating websites that deliver outstanding results! For prices in USD or other currencies, simply click here




Website Maintenance & Fast Hosting

  • Protect your Website & enjoy super-fast hosting!
  • Expert maintenance support
  • Hassle-free backups
  • Proactive security monitoring
  • WordPress & plugins updates
  • Lightning-fast hosting speeds
  • Malware scanning
  • Custom email addresses
  • Free migration




Professionally Edit Your Video Footage

  • High quality edit
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Motion graphics
  • Color corrections
  • Subtitles and captions
  • Green screen editing
  • Social Media Promo Ads & Content
  • Shorts/Reels/Tiktok/Youtube/Website
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Professionally Build a Fully Responsive Website

  • Web Ready in 2 weeks or less
  • Responsive design on all devices
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Advanced dynamic design
  • Content uploaded
  • Testimonials & Contact Form
  • Easy Editable
  • SEO, Speed & Security optimized
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