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Journey Across Lifetimes. The Heartbeat Behind My Logo and Brand.

Our lives are narratives, stories written in the ink of time. Some stories, like the journey of my brand, span across ages and dimensions, creating a vibrant tapestry of experiences and wisdom. My 30-second digital animation video encapsulates this journey, blending past lives, present endeavors, and cosmic connections in a mesmerizing dance of imagery.

Pyramids to Pixels,’s Mayan Genesis

The narrative begins with Mayan civilization, a culture steeped in spiritual knowledge and advanced understanding of the cosmos. From the pyramids to the celestial constellations, the Mayans recognized the interconnectedness of all existence. This foundational belief permeates the essence of, grounding its approach in unity and interconnectedness.

Healing Through Sacrifice. A Soldier’s Tale

The animation then gracefully shifts to the deeply emotional narrative of Jesus’s crucifixion at Golgotha in Jerusalem. In this moment, a desolate soldier watches on, his heart heavy with sorrow and remorse. This scene represents a profound spiritual transformation, embodying the ideals of sacrifice, resurrection, and boundless love. This narrative echoes through the soul of, symbolizing an unwavering dedication to facilitating transformation in others, and healing even the most shattered of hearts.

“The tempo, music, and every single frame is actually a reflection of my soul’s dynamic journey – vibrant, diverse and ever-changing.”

~ Sebastian,

Heartbeat, The Divine Rhythm of Creation

In every frame, the pulsating heart is a constant motif, symbolizing the essence of my brand. This is not by accident. The heart represents love, compassion, and an intrinsic connection to the divine. It’s the driving force behind all creations, and its rhythm is the soundtrack of our life journey.

Bridging the Ancient and the Digital

In the modern day, the heart manifests as the digital inspirations of – the websites and videos created with passion and purpose. Each pixel infused with the wisdom gathered over lifetimes, creating a bridge between ancient knowledge and contemporary expression.

Starry Epilogue. The Pleiades Connection and Our Interstellar Reach!

The final scene reveals a celestial twist as we find ourselves amidst the ethereal beauty of the Pleiades, a cluster of stars that have captured human fascination for millennia. This extraterrestrial connection symbolizes the boundless wisdom of the universe and our aspiration to channel it in our work. It stands as a reminder that while our roots may be terrestrial, our reach is indeed interstellar.

The logo animation I made, is more than just a visual masterpiece. It is the heart’s journey through time and space, encapsulating the soul’s evolution over lifetimes. It showcases the holistic and spiritual essence of the brand, providing a glimpse into the creative heart that beats at the core of our work.

Bringing Vision to Life. The Birth of an Animated Logo

Crafting the logo animation was a heartfelt journey that entwined past and present, vision and execution. It began with a deep introspection, exploring memories from past lives. Utilizing Kaiber, I breathed life into these narratives, forming captivating scenes centered around the heart – our brand’s core symbol.

Each scene was then meticulously woven into a single coherent narrative using Adobe Premiere Pro. Accompanied by emotive music, the result was a digital symphony that echoes across lifetimes. The visuals for this article were crafted with Midjourney, bringing the images from my mind to the screen.

From an idea to an animated logo, every step was a fusion of past wisdom, present creativity, and future-oriented digital technology. Ready to embark on a similar journey? Welcome to, where I shape visions into digital masterpieces, all from the heart.

If you feel drawn to explore your past lives and delve deeper into your own soul’s journey, do reach out to my dear friend Carmen – she’s an expert guide in this extraordinary realm.

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