Lights, Camera, Website – My Epic Adventure with Ajimol

From Meditation to Creation – Bringing Ajimol’s Vision to Life

At, I love working with clients who are passionate about what they do. That’s why I was thrilled when Ajimol, a Holistic Health Coach who I had the pleasure of meeting a few months earlier on our trip to Nicaragua, approached me for help with her website and video. Ajimol was desperate for a new website and video, and during a meditation, she asked for guidance on who could help her with this project. That’s when my name came to mind, and she contacted me straight away. We started her project just a few days later and quickly got to work, bringing her vision to life.

Designing a Killer Website and Video for Ajimol’s Holistic Health Coaching Biz

The project was divided into several stages, each one organized and accomplished with great care to guarantee that everything was flawless. I wanted to create a website and video that not only looked great but also reflected Ajimol’s brand and values. To make this happen, I dedicated 14 days to the task and I finished it within that time frame.

To begin, I carefully chose the best colors, fonts, and layout to construct a website that truly showed off Ajimol and her holistic health coaching business. Using the Kartra platform, I was able to design and create each page with a combination of stunning graphics and informative content that would engage her audience.

Once the design was ready, I started putting together the tech stuff for the website. I created custom landing pages and designed graphics and images to be used throughout the site. Additionally, I developed a comprehensive funnel that included a free morning routine and a calendar for booking a free discovery call.

Collaboration at Its Finest and how I Work Closely with Clients to Bring their Vision to Life

Throughout the project, I worked closely with Ajimol to ensure that everything was just right. We had a few Zoom calls together to discuss the project’s progress and any updates that needed to be made. This is how I like to work on every project; I believe the client is an essential part of my team, and we closely work together to make sure that I realized their vision. Ajimol had some excellent ideas and insights that helped to shape the project, and I was grateful for her input. Together, we refined the design and technical components of the website, making sure that every detail was taken care of.

Lights, Camera, Holistic Action! Creating a Killer Video and Photoshoot for Ajimol’s Brand

But that wasn’t all! I got the chance to shoot a pro video for Ajimol. She came to visit me in my casa in Costa Rica, where I set up two cameras and filmed her in action. With the help of my friend Michal from Foxygraphy who is an incredible photographer and videographer, we were able to capture the perfect shots and angles to create a stunning final product. Michal not only provided us with a second perspective on the video recording, but he also ensured that we didn’t miss a single moment.

And while we were there, Michal from Foxygraphy who is not only a professional photographer but also an incredible friend, offered to do a professional photo session for Ajimol. The result was some amazing shots that perfectly captured her energy and essence, and I could use some of them on her website and social media profiles to showcase her brand in the best possible light.

After the filming was complete, it was time to edit the video. Using Adobe Premiere, I worked my magic to create a stunning final product that highlighted Ajimol’s expertise and passion. I even added subtitles to make the video more accessible to a wider audience.

Project Success: Ajimol’s Vision Brought to Life

Overall, working on this project with Ajimol was an amazing experience. We had so much fun collaborating and bringing her vision to life. And now, I’m thrilled to share the final results with the world! Click here to see her website:

Let Me Be Your Collaborative Creator!

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