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Choose a Platform That Can grow with Your Business

As a web designer, I’ve seen countless websites come and go. Some are successful, while others fall by the wayside. One of the most important factors for success is choosing the right platform for your website. Regardless of where you are in your online journey, it is crucial to look ahead and pick a platform that can grow with you.

WordPress is my favorite platform, and for a good reason. It offers endless possibilities for customization and growth, and it’s designed to make it easy for you to add new features and functionality as needed. From blogs to e-commerce sites, WordPress can handle it all. That’s why it’s my go-to platform for most of my projects.

From Spanish to Bilingual: How I Helped Cuca Expand Her Website’s Reach

Let’s look at one of my recent project with Cuca, a Holistic Therapist and Psych-k Facilitator. When she first approached me, her website was only in Spanish. But as she expanded her services to English-speaking clients, she realized the need for a bilingual website. After our FREE discovery call, I saw she had already chosen Wix as her platform. While I typically recommend WordPress for its flexibility and features, I’m well-versed in all website platforms and knew that Wix would work just fine. I manually translated all the website content and added the necessary features to give Cuca the ability to switch seamlessly between Spanish and English.

The Power of Testimonials: How Adding a Testimonials System Boosts Your Business Growth

But that wasn’t the only feature Cuca needed. While working on Cuca’s website, I realized she could benefit from an automatic system for collecting and displaying testimonials from her clients, both in video and written form. As her business grew, this would become an essential feature for showcasing her expertise and building trust with potential clients. So I recommended implementing a testimonials system, which would streamline the collection process and make it easy for Cuca to display the testimonials on her website. This is still a work in progress, but once it’s implemented, it will be a valuable asset to Cuca’s website and business growth.

A Blog that Shines: How WordPress Can Elevate Your Content Creation Game

Let me share with you another recent project that I’m excited about. I had the pleasure of collaborating with an Intuitive Animal Communicator who was looking to take her website to the next level. Specifically, she wanted to add a blog to her site to share her expertise and connect with her audience more deeply. Having previously created her website on WordPress, I was familiar with all of the possible functionalities available and was able to create a beautiful, responsive blog that perfectly complemented her website’s design. The result was a cohesive online presence that highlighted her unique services and helped her connect with her audience on a deeper level.

One of the reasons why WordPress is the ideal platform for a blog is that it allows for easy content creation and management. With WordPress, you can create blog posts with just a few clicks and add images and multimedia to make your content more engaging. The platform also has built-in tools for search engine optimization, which can help your blog get discovered by more readers. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, WordPress has everything you need to create a blog that shines.

Don’t Get Left Behind: Plan Ahead and Choose a Platform That Can Grow with Your Business

When choosing a platform for your website, it’s important to think ahead and consider the features you may need as your business grows. A website is an investment in your business’s future, and you want to make sure that it can evolve as your needs change. That’s why I always recommend choosing a platform that is flexible and scalable. With WordPress, you can start with a simple website and add new features and functionality as your business grows.

Let’s Talk Web Design!

Don’t be caught off guard when your business starts to grow; choose the right platform from the start and watch your website grow with you. If you’re unsure which platform is right for you, I offer FREE discovery call where we can discuss your potential web design needs and find the perfect platform for your business. Contact me today to schedule your call!

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